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This area consists of various murals and paint work. I work in several different styles that include stencil, spray paint, acrylic paint and detailed brush work. This section is just a summary of my work at this time and more will come soon. You can check out my Home page for up and coming shows that will be featuring my work. If you would like to contact me for mural work or future art projects please visit my contact section.

King Kong Mural
King Kong Slide
This was one of the first public stencil murals I did. It needed to be something aggressive and be able to grab someone's attention. This mural took about two weeks worth of preparation and seven hours to paint.
Stencil Murals
SPRAY PAINT WORK: The next work below is all spray paint and no stencil work, except for my name.
Jimi Hendrix Mural
Evil Dead Mural
This above mural was done at the 2009 PINTURA PROJECT GRAFFITI CONFERENCE in Orlando, Florida
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